About Frunique

fru•ni•que {frjµ’ni:k} noun : means a chic sculpture
designed to gather {Spanish: frunce} the treasured accessories
which define your unique style


Frunique’s Origins

Frunique was created to answer a common question for woman…

“What is the best way to display my accessories?”

After battling tangled necklaces, fixing damaged gems and searching for an elusive lost earring, we knew there had to be a better solution to caring for our precious jewellery


The Creator of Frunique

Alecia Braven, creator of Frunique, loves colour and appreciates quality. "I've always been drawn to vibrant jewellery and accessories. I'm fascinated at how jewellery can personalise clothing, complete an outfit and accentuate a person's best features. Since the beginning of time, designers have constantly created stunning new accessories, but have neglected to invent a tasteful way to display jewellery in the home."


"So I got thinking about a solution! It's great that fashion is constantly changing, however I wanted to ensure that my designs remained timeless and didn't overpower the pieces I had on display. Each stand had to be a functional yet unique creation, with an intriguing story behind each beautiful design." And so Frunique was born...


Alecia lives at Coogee Beach with her husband Dylan. She loves to travel, having been to nearly 50 countries and counting - although the adventure of creating Frunique is currently consuming all her time! Alecia has never looked back, feeling so fortunate to be able to focus on creating truly unique ways to display accessories in the home! 


Your Problems Solved!

We have created unique, high quality jewellery stands which aspire to solve the problem of storing and displaying your accessories

  • Care for your jewellery: You’ve spent precious time and money shopping for fantastic pieces of statement jewellery - it makes sense to care for these

    Are your necklaces in a tangled mess? Have you lost gems from earring being knocked? Has an earring from your favorite pair gone missing?

    Our jewellery stands prevent damaged jewellery resulting from careless storage, preserving your cherished accessories in their original condition
  • Remember your entire jewellery collection: You have amassed an impressive collection of jewellery, choosing pieces with the perfect occasion in mind

    Can you remember each pair of earrings you own? Do you wear the same necklace because it’s close at hand? Have you bought new jewellery, only to later discover you already had something similar? Do you struggle to store your chunky modern jewellery?

    Each Frunique design strives to creatively display your jewellery, revealing your full collection. This allows you to easily select the perfect accessories to compliment your outfit and to express your individual style

  • Compliment your home's decor: You’ve surrounded your house with beautiful homewares

    Our exclusive designs allow you to create an alluring showpiece using your own collection of jewellery, resulting in a work of art reflecting your unique style