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Get More Bling For Your Buck!

Last Updated: Friday, April 06 2012
By Alecia @ Frunique - Tuesday, April 03 2012


Get More Bling for Your Buck!

With saving being the new splurging, jewellery is the perfect solution to updating your wardrobe on a budget. Here are my top 9 tips for creating an envious jewellery collection without breaking the budget!


1.Vintage in Vogue

Vintage jewellery isn’t restricted to opulent Dior pieces worn on the red carpet – have a look closer to home. Try rummaging through your mum or nana’s jewellery collection. Use your imagination to think about layering pieces for greater effect. Turn a sentimental broach into an eye-catching pendent by twisting a fine chain around the broach’s pin. Don’t forget to check out local antique stores for unloved treasures.

  2. Discover Young Designers
Today’s young jewellery designers will be leading the creative teams of tomorrow so scoop a bargain while you can still afford it! You can find such hidden talent at many of the design markets around your local city. For example, in Sydney, Paddington Markets has a vast array of beautiful jewellery ( while in Melbourne you could visit the Camberwell Market on Sundays ( or the Magnolia Markets ( And don’t forget other design markets which happen throughout the year like Finders Keepers (

3. See it – Wear it
It’s a fact - if you can’t see your jewellery you don’t end up wearing it – the classic "out of sight, out of mind” situation! So invest in a jewellery stand to bring it into view and make it easy to access. Don’t forget to give your jewellery a good clean when sorting through, bringing it back to life. Better yet, why not make a stunning feature out of your collection – Frunique’s Jewellery Stands look amazing, including when adorned with colourful jewellery! (– well I had to get a plug in somewhere!)
4. Creative Collections
A quick browse through the vast array of jewellery on quirky website Etsy ( shows what can be achieved by making your own jewellery. Not sure where to begin? Why not check out You Tube for comprehensive guides on jewellery making (, visit your local bead shop where the staff are often happy to help or if you are really keen, do a jewellery making course through your local community college.
5. One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure
Everyone has jewellery that you have worn to death or perhaps jewellery that you love but just never wear. Why not get the girls together for some cocktail sipping and jewellery swapping! This is eco-shopping at its best!
6. Make a Wish
Many websites now include a function allowing you to add your favourite jewellery to a  Wish List which you can then send to others. Alternatively you can share links from your favourite designer’s facebook page with your loved one and cross your fingers they get the hint. The gift giver is usually happy to be pointed in the right direction and it is a great way to ensure you get what you actually want.

7. Clip to Create

 A great investment for every jewellery lover is a pair of cuticle clippers. These clippers have a pointed edge ideal for getting into small places and also provide a clean cut when slicing through fine metal. Change the length of your necklaces by using clippers to open the join and remove sections of chain or perhaps cut off any excess dangly pieces you don’t love. Broken jewellery can often be delicately pieced back together using such clippers.

8. Split the Sparkles

Every wardrobe can benefit from a couple of key investment pieces – these are usually timeless pieces that you save for special occasions. Instead of splurging on your own, go halves with a friend and share it – just be sure to agree who gets it for any upcoming events you are both heading to.
9. Frugual Fashion
Don’t part with lots of money for fashion jewellery which changes with the seasons – instead check out the growing collection of jewellery chain stores which are quick to bring the latest trends to market for a super reasonable price – two of my favorites are Lovisa (  and Forever New (